• Image of Bite Me

Half-breed hot rod pinup vampire huntress. equipped with a wooden bullet "Gatling" machine gun. For the exhaust and carbs, I used inspiration from "Herman & Grandpa's" hot rods from the Munster's TV show with ( multiple carbs and shooting upward exhaust pipes)
- Her ears with a "stake and hammer" earrings.
- Her bandana textile is a bat pattern rather than normal paisley patterns.
- Just like her bandana, I also created a diamond encrusted bat repeat pattern.
-Organic blood splatter flame on car.
-Bite me" written on bumper.
-Body count on hotrod.

12 x 18 Giclee print rolled in poster tube.
$40. Free shipping.

18 x 24 matted Giclee option mailed in stay flat mailer.
$55. Free shipping.